Benefits of ergonomics

“Ergonomics (or human factors) is the scientific discipline concerned with the understanding of interactions among humans and other elements of a system, and the profession that applies theory, principles, data and methods to design in order to optimise human well-being and overall system performance.”                                                                                                 
- International Ergonomics Association

That sounds like just about everything we do. When you consider that ergonomics is about designing the home or work environment to optimise human well-being and overall system performance, you begin to realise that ergonomics plays a major factor in our lives – at work, at home and the places in between.

“We frequently blame poorly designed work stations, cars, sofas and other equipment and furniture for our aches and pains. Good ergonomics, however, only solves part of the equation. Often the missing piece is how we actually use our own body. Even the very best ergonomically designed workstation is of limited value if the person using it does not use their own body well.”
- Ergonomics for the Human Body by Imogen Ragone

Here are some of the proven benefits of a strong workplace ergonomics:

  1. Ergonomics improves productivity. By designing a job to allow for good posture, less exertion and more flexibility, the workstation becomes more efficient. The best ergonomic solutions will often improve productivity.

  2. Ergonomics improves quality of life. By systematically improving ergonomics at home or in your workplace (switching to height adjustable desk or getting a chair with all of the necessary adjustments..), you can prevent all kinds of health damages.

  3. Ergonomics improves employee engagement. Employees notice, when the company is putting forth their best efforts to ensure their health and safety. If an employee does not experience fatigue and discomfort during their workday, it can reduce turnover, decrease absenteeism, improve morale and increase employee involvement.

  4. Ergonomics creates a better future. By making improvements to the work process, you are removing barriers to maximum work performance. It shows commitment to safety and health as a core value. Health is our most valuable asset.

So is an workplace ergonomics worth the cost? 

Yes, absolutely! Not only is ergonomics good for you and your business, it’s great for your people.